Time to collect some sentences!

Hi everyone. It’s that time again, I’m asking you all to come up with some descriptive sentences to illustrate your day/week/month/year/state of mind as we enter the 2nd week, no, is it the third? (this daylight savings thing has me all confused) of November.

Here are my plans – to put out the call for sentences (with Bonnie’s help :), to collect them throughout the week, and then to search for images that ‘go’ with them in order to post them as a combination of audio and text blurbs in a voicethread at the end of the week. If you feel like creating your own voicethread for your sentence, go ahead, and I’ll incorporate it into the final product.

So…what’s on your mind this start of daylight savings week? (which, by the way, I think is quite cruel. Last week we teachers had to deal with Sunday night Halloween fallout, this week, with messed up clock fall out.)


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