Our sentences released – and illustrated :)

Hello everyone!
I’ve put our sentences together in a 5 page voicethread, which you can view and listen to below. I’d love comments to be on the voicethread, since that is what it is made for after all! but feel free to comment in the comment box if that is more your thing :)

Here are the text copies of the sentences, with links to the authors’ blogs when provided:

Clean slate/Planning for the future

The report cards are finished for the first marking period, and now we can all start with a clean slate!

A mid-November warm spell has been the perfect addition to the sense of calm that comes with the clean slate of second quarter, now one-week underway.
Amanda Cornwell

Without any pending deadlines or upcoming workshops I find myself falling into inactivity and stupor, time to search for another project.
Dawn Vandervloed

Finally, at the point in my new job, I am able to make a plan 5 weeks into the future, sweet!
Cheryl Oakes

This four-day weekend has been a long time coming, but I feel that at last my students and I are beginning to find our way out of the chaos of beginning middle school.
Lynn Jacobs

Download, upload, last minute instructions, selecting clothes, excitement leads to NWP next week.
Mary in Missouri

I have ten weeks to go before this little boy enters my life – lots to plan for and friends are coming today to help me do some of the more physical, moving furniture preparations so that I don’t hurt myself again!

Personal obstacles

How about a little dissertation haiku? It pretty much sums up everything “write” now! lol

Coding all the data
Really what was I thinking
Taking way too long

It’s official: my first head cold of the season and it’s very bad timing, but then when is it ever good timing :) One thing’s for sure, I will feel better soon.
Bonnie K.

My week was anything but action-packed with two sick kids at home forcing me to slow down but the news this week out of Tweed in NYC about the exit of one schools chancellor and the entrance of another got my brain racing!


As we approach summer in southern Australia, we have had some great sunny days this week which has lifted our spirits both at home and at school, only to find the weekend overcast and raining – hope our warm summer days come soon.
Anne Mirtschin


Collaboration entices more connections and makes you a more fulfilled person and educator.
Carla Arena

Working with kids

I am sad that my Rocky Horror Picture Show tickets are on the same night as our school culture production,
but also excited to see our kids perform.
Shaun Wood

I had a prepared speech all ready to go for our school’s Veteran’s Day assembly, only to make the last-second decision to wing it with the microphone when the wind whipped up, the volume on the PA seemed too low, and the students seemed a bit too antsy — it all went fine.
Kevin Hodgson

He read something he cared about–making money, and he has been reading more and more carefully than ever before.


  • Tracy says:

    You can also type your response into VoiceThread – a mic isn’t always needed :)

    I was glad with the DIAS turnout, I was worried that with my other site being down most of the week people would give up on it!

    January….depends when in January… I’m due January 26th!

  • Tracy says:

    Comment from Bonnie K:

    I would be using voice thread, but sorry Tracy, no mic here. Great, lovely job and lots of DAIS members came through.
    Fantastic Job! Is January still a good time for you to return?

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