Tracy Rosen

Supporting Student-Teachers

I have been a Field Supervisor for student-teachers at McGill since 2021. I love it, it keeps me connected to the classroom now that I am away from it. I also love that I get to see the classroom as a new teacher again – in all of its complexities and messiness and beauty. Also Supporting Student-Teachers

Best PD ever?

Visiting each others classrooms. (Really, it’s that simple.) I’ve written about this a few times, so some of what I have written in the past will show up again here. It’s not a new concept and it is still as true! PD (Professional Development) can invoke strong reactions. How often have you been made to Best PD ever?

Bridging the online / offline / simultaneous teaching gap

In Quebec, all students are expected to be in school under normal ratios, that means the same teacher:student ratio in effect at a given school as before Covid-19. (I still find it mind-boggling that the exact same directive goes for schools in Montreal with over 29 000 cases of the virus as schools in the Bridging the online / offline / simultaneous teaching gap

A back-to-school like no other

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On Thursday morning, someone from CBC News contacted me for a live interview later that afternoon. It was to talk about back-to-school in Quebec and concerns from a teaching perspective. It ended up being cancelled, I think Rob Ford bumped me on Thursday and something else did on Friday. These things happen. Before they cancelled, A back-to-school like no other

Day 1 – Trauma, Mental Health, & our Students

This week a friend of mine challenged me to do 25 pushups for 25 days as a way of raising awareness for mental wellness issues that can lead to suicide and it goes by the tag #matesofmatesformates. Yesterday was Day 1 and I questionned – what can we do beyond the challenge? How does doing 25 Day 1 – Trauma, Mental Health, & our Students