Tracy Rosen

Someone has to say it.

I became a teacher because I wanted to make sure as many children as possible could learn to read. And Elise Gravel’s books helped me in that mission. I relied on her books to support the learning in my French classroom. And whenever anyone asked me about what materials to use for French language learning in Quebec, I’d shout her name from the rooftops. But I can’t trust her stories anymore.

A note on recent events.

I’ve been numb this week. I’ve been angry. I’ve felt rage and sadness and alone. 

A few of you know this. You reached out, sent me words of love. That means more than I hope you will ever know.

Supporting Student-Teachers

I have been a Field Supervisor for student-teachers at McGill since 2021. I love it, it keeps me connected to the classroom now that I am away from it. I also love that I get to see the classroom as a new teacher again – in all of its complexities and messiness and beauty. Also Supporting Student-Teachers

Best PD ever?

Visiting each others classrooms. (Really, it’s that simple.) I’ve written about this a few times, so some of what I have written in the past will show up again here. It’s not a new concept and it is still as true! PD (Professional Development) can invoke strong reactions. How often have you been made to Best PD ever?

Bridging the online / offline / simultaneous teaching gap

In Quebec, all students are expected to be in school under normal ratios, that means the same teacher:student ratio in effect at a given school as before Covid-19. (I still find it mind-boggling that the exact same directive goes for schools in Montreal with over 29 000 cases of the virus as schools in the Bridging the online / offline / simultaneous teaching gap