Day in a sentence

Psst…the sentences are out!

I’ve released the sentences at Enseigner, C’est Agir (Teaching is a Verb) because of technical difficulties Leading from the Heart had last week. Go quick, run! Read, listen to, see, comment on this week’s batch of sentences! Our Sentences Released – and Illustrated :)

Time to collect some sentences!

Hi everyone. It’s that time again, I’m asking you all to come up with some descriptive sentences to illustrate your day/week/month/year/state of mind as we enter the 2nd week, no, is it the third? (this daylight savings thing has me all confused) of November. Here are my plans – to put out the call for Time to collect some sentences!

Day in a Sentence – transitioning into a new year

As a Jewish teacher, September does not only bring in a new school year but Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, as well. It’s a time for celebration and reflection as we transition into a new year, with new opportunities for personal and social improvement. Last week I reflected on my own transitions and asked Day in a Sentence – transitioning into a new year

Transitions in a sentence

I am finding that this is a time of many transitions for me! From summer to school (and to autumn), From Grade 11 to Kindergarten, From English to French, and here is one last big transition for me: Most of us go through transitions at this time of year. What are yours? Feel free to Transitions in a sentence