Teaching in the dark

Lately I have been teaching in the dark.

Our school has no Internet access. The students have none at home, either.

What do we do? We read. We have conversations, live conversations, about what we read. We look for solutions together and they are made from the stuff of our brains.

Did I mention that we read? My students in Grades 7 through 11 love to read. All of them. And they can have and do have conversations about the books they read. They can even make connections between them. They jump up and down with pure joy about some of the books they are reading. I actually have to tell students to stop reading.

I see the Science teacher outside, collecting insects with the students, examining them under microscopes and in their terrariums. I see evidence of writing in French when they students laboriously and lovingly work on their scrapbooks by hand and write letters describing why they included what they did.

At lunch time students play with each other. Yes. Even the boys in Grade 11.

Lately I have been teaching in the dark and I’m surprised to say it has been illuminating.

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