How has your teaching practice changed?

Mine is constantly changing, developing, evolving. I think if my teaching stayed the same for too long, I’d have to question what I was doing: stasis would undermine my determination to create meaningful learning situations. My students are always changing so how could I stay the same? Also, it would be really boring to do the same thing over and over again.

Don't be afraid of change

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When I started teaching, I was focused on reading. On helping every single student in my care to learn to read. Of course reading is still important but my focus has deepened to accept reading as a function of critical thinking. My practice has also changed in the deepening awareness I have in the importance of relationship to teaching – relationship with students, parents, colleagues. I think amazing things can happen if we are truly in relationship around what we do – be that teaching, firefighting, bookkeeping, farming.

How has your teaching practice changed?


  • Tracy says:

    I loved that image as well :) Do you have a link to that blog post you wrote about how your teaching has changed? I would love to read it!

  • Love the image and of course, I appreciate the thought. I just turned in a blog for website other than my own about this very topic…only instead of asking, I described how my teaching had changed. How coincidental. Oh, maybe it’s just great minds!

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