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Hi all

I am moving in, oh dear, 6 5 days counting today.

I have barely begun to pack.

My procrastination technique of choice is doing research, generally about something that does not have to do with my major project at hand.

So of course I decided to learn how to deal with CSS and have been researching that. Hence the changes to this space.

I began with a 3 column template (WordPress’ Sandbox) and played around with the link colours. It looked just lovely on my linux version of firefox (Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20071127 Firefox/ but when I got to work and looked at it through IE – ick. The left sidebar was superimposed on the main column.

So when I got home I switched to a 2-column skin for the Sandbox theme But since that also didn’t work in IE, according to my friend, I switched back to the 3-column number and have since added a few little fancy touches.

Does it work on your browser? If you could let me know that’d be great! I’m looking for feedback from different operating systems, different browsers, different resolutions….

So far epiphany and firefox (linux) are A-OK!

Update – Jan. 28: AND – ooh, very happy, it is now working on IE 7 :)

I think it has more to do with the resolution than the browser…is that possible?

ps – and if you have any suggestions on how to make a 3 column theme work through different OSs and browsers I’d really appreciate it! Please write them as if you were talking to a child :)

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  • jose says:

    It’s getting better, tracy. the layout that is.

  • Tracy Rosen says:

    Still playing around…

    Saw your comment. I know…

  • jose says:

    it’s OK. p.s. – i wrote a comment on that blog you linked me to. that’s all i had to say.

  • Tracy Rosen says:

    Hey Jose and thanks for the feedback.
    It’s really plain because I’m teaching myself this css stuff so I’m taking baby steps. I started with the simplest template (Sandbox is made to be played with) and am gradually modifying it as I learn how to do things. So far I have changed the default font and heading and link colours. Like I said, baby steps ;)
    I do worry about IE – I’d like it to be accessible across browsers. I’ll take a look at the multiple stylesheet thing. I hadn’t heard of that, thanks.

  • jose says:

    maybe it’s because you’re working on it now, but this isn’t that cool a layout. and forget IE: it’s hopeless. If I worried about what IE did to my page, I’d just freak out (like I have a million times when I had great layouts and it would just displace everything on it.) There are layouts out there that have multiple stylesheets for different browsers attached (like mine) so when you put yours up, no matter what the layout, you still get what you’re looking for. Those are rarities though. Sorry if this isn’t that clear, but it’s the first comment I’ve written all morn.

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