Montreal may ban insults to police

The most ridiculous banning image I could find. Click for source.

The most ridiculous banning image I could find. Click for source.

Montreal may ban insults to police. Story from

er… what do you think of this?

Me? I think it’s wrong. Definitely, people should respect others – regardless of the role(s) they play in society.

But last I heard it wasn’t against the law to act jerky – and I do consider people who insult others by calling them names, by slandering them, by being generally rude to them – to be acting jerky.

Can we start legislating jerkiness? Uh uh.

I’ve been called names before, both personally and professionally. I teach high school students, it comes with the profession. I’m sure I haven’t been met with the extreme prejudice that police officers have been met with, at least not professionally. I have personally though, I’m Jewish and I have definitely met and been insulted by people who didn’t like me because of it.

Jerky behaviour may suck, may hurt. But it sure shouldn’t be legislated against. And wait a second, while we’re at it – why in the world should we only ban insults against police? If we’re going to be banning insults, let’s ban them across the board. The next time a student or his/her parent calls me a, well, not a witch but close, I’m going to yell – citizen’s arrest!

Now really.

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