Someone has to say it.

I became a teacher because I wanted to make sure as many children as possible could learn to read. And Elise Gravel’s books helped me in that mission. I relied on her books to support the learning in my French classroom. And whenever anyone asked me about what materials to use for French language learning in Quebec, I’d shout her name from the rooftops. But I can’t trust her stories anymore.

Best PD ever?

Visiting each others classrooms. (Really, it’s that simple.) I’ve written about this a few times, so some of what I have written in the past will show up again here. It’s not a new concept and it is still as true! PD (Professional Development) can invoke strong reactions. How often have you been made to Best PD ever?

Checking ourselves. When good teachers are racist.

Checking ourselves. Environment. Culture. Self. Racism in the classroom. twitter handle @tracyrosen

Close to 15 years ago, I became friends with a teacher in South Burlington, Vermont. She was a master at differentiation and I met her first through a webinar and then in person. She graciously allowed me to bring a group of teachers from Montreal to spend the day in her classroom. It was a Checking ourselves. When good teachers are racist.

English Sector Exclusion: A story in 3 parts.

Part 3 Yesterday afternoon I was forwarded this questionnaire by a colleague in another province. I was attracted by the headline because I thought it was important to gather this kind of data. But when I went to fill out the questionnaire, I realized that, though I teach in the public system in Quebec, my experience didn’t English Sector Exclusion: A story in 3 parts.

Well-being of children and opening schools

Yesterday afternoon, the Quebec government announced the reopening of schools during this current worldwide pandemic. Last week, they suggested as much, citing herd immunity as a main reason. But over the weekend, perhaps in response to Dr. Theresa Tam’s statement about the practice, they changed their reason why. In fact, they replaced it with 5 Well-being of children and opening schools