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Blogapalooza - What I Learned From 2008 - A huge success! Image from Middle Zone Musings, click to view source.

Blogapalooza: A huge success! Click to view source

It’s a task, trying to trackback how I discovered something via social media. I follow a modest hundred or so people on twitter, have a few hundred friends on the book, and then there are the bloggers in my rss feed. But I am pretty darn sure I found out about Blogapalooza via @Linda704.

Like I needed to find MORE blogs to read! But what can I say, there are some pretty good finds here and I’m glad I participated.

So what is Blogapalooza? It’s Robert Hruzek‘s baby over at Middle Zone Musings.  This year, it’s a group writing project called What I Learned From 2008, and participants were asked to create a list of our favourite blog posts, ones from our own blogs, 1 per month of 2008.

Here’s my What I Learned post. And that list you see at the bottom of this post? It is a list of the 128 bloggers who participated in this year’s event, organized alphabetically by first name.

Aaron UnnaschLiving the Dash

Adam SicinskiIQ Matrix Blog

Alexander EstromDay 8 Debate

Alina PopescuWords of a Broken Mirror

Amber NaslundAltitude

Andy CottichioThe Narrow Road

Angie HaggstromFreedom Freelance

Anita Bruzzese45 Things

Arun RajagopalArun Rajagopal

Ashley WeisA Weis Writer

Barry Wallacewho am I?

Billy CoffeeWhat I Learned Today…

Brad ShorrWord Sell, Inc.

Brett DuncanMarketing In Progress

Carla WilliamsThe Spiritual Mom

Charlie BurlbawStress Management Tips

Chris BrownBranding & Marketing

Chris Dawsoncdawson


Chris GodfredsonExperiencing Grace and Peace


Christine SineGodSpace

Cindy StreamsCitystreams

Conrad HakeLeveraged Intelligence

Cynthia MorrisJourney Juju


Dan RoloffRamblin’ Dan

Daniel NeedlestoneE-Learning Experiences

Danny BrownDanny Brown

David BowlesWestward Sagas

David ZingerEmployee Engagement Zingers

Deanna GernertSoul Like a Spider

Deb BoykenPunctuality Rules

Dena DyerMother Inferior

Derrick SorlesBusiness Blogging Tips

Drew McLellanDrew’s Marketing Minute

Elissa BaxterSquibblog

Elizabeth HowardLetters From a Small State

Erica HaleThese Three Remain

Gavin HeatonServant of Chaos

Geoffrey PhilpGeoffrey Philp’s Blog Spot

George AngusTumblemoose Writing Productions

Gina ConroyPortrait of a Writer… Interrupted

Giovanna GarciaImperfect Action

GL HoffmanWhat Would Dad Say

Glenda Watson HyattI’ll Do It Myself Blog

Heidi PlumleyMoms, Ministry and More

J.D. MeierSources of Insight

Jacob ShareGroup Writing Projects

Jacob ShareJobMob

Janet KaderliPreach It Sister!

Jean BrowmanTransforming Stress and Cheerful Monk

Jeanne DininniWriter’s Notes

Jennifer LeeGetting Down With Jesus

Jennifer Linkous12 Steps Closer

Jennifer TidwellDust Bunny Hostage

Jesse & Sarah LopezGod Is Not Finished With Us Yet

Joanna YoungConfident Writing

JohnJohn is Fit

John KoetsierSparkPlug

Julie DonahueMom Two Ways

Julie RichardsonBloom Blog

Karen HanrahanBest of Mother Earth

Karen SwimWords For Hire

Karin H.kiss 2

Kay MartinThrive Christians

Ken LeonardA True Believer’s Blog

Kevin LamImpacta Blog

Kevin MartineauShooting the Breeze

Kevin TracyKevin Tracy

Kimberlee FerrellFreedom Writing

LanceThe Jungle of Life

Lelsie DoyleScripted Notions

Lillie AmmannA Writer’s Words, an Editor’s Eye

Linda ClintonLiteracy, Learning and Sharing

Lore FergusonUnskewed

Lori PoppingaThoughts From the Tub and Life, Love and Laughter in a Large Family

LorrieGrow Up Deep

Lucille ZimmermanRumors of Glory

Lucy NixonCorporate Eye

Luke GedeonLuke Gedeon

Lyla LindquistA Different Story

Marcus GoodyearGoodWord Editing

Maria HendersonSpiritual Birdwatching

Mark DykemanBroadcasting Brain

Marty GordonThe Renzntzman

Mary DeMuthRelevant Blog

Mary Ellen MerriganProfitMeister

Melissa DonovanWriting Forward

Merry MaryA Merry Life


Michael SnellLife by Design

Michelle VandepasDivinePurposeUnleashed

Mike ShieldsThe Rant, Who Is The Watchmaker and Poker Riot!

Nancy BabyakWork Life Balance Blog and PMO Training Wheels Blog

Nancy KourmoulisTreasures of Darkness

Nichelle StrzepekDance Advantage

Nick GrimshaweBeautiful Summer Morning

Paul MerrillMy Part of Colorado

Peter PollockRediscovering the Church

Phil GerbyshakMake It Great Guy

Phil GerbyshakSlacker Manager

Red Letter BelieversRed Letter Believers

Reeta PindoriaParadox of Reality: Better Thinking, Better Success

Rich BordnerThe Pugnacious Irishman

Richie LawryAn Arkies Musings

Rick MahnRick Mahn

Robert HenruReason 4 Smile

Robert HruzekMiddle Zone Musings

RonnicaIgnorant Historian

Sara HutchinsonUnblocked

Scott RocheSpiritual Tramp

Sheila GlazovSheila Glazov

Shelley KrauseBut Wait, There’s More!

Steve WoodruffSticky Figure, Steve’s Leaves, Impactiviti and MarketingProfs Daily Fix

Steven NorrisThy Grace is Sufficient

Tabetha GedeonDenim & Silk

Terry StarbuckerRamblings from a Glass Half Full

Thomas TurnerEveryday Liturgy

TillermanProper Course

Tina HowardSpaghettipie

Tony CradicTony C Today

Tracy RosenLeading From the Heart

Travis StephensYour Everyday Christian

Ulla HennigUlla Hennig’s Weblog

Vanessa RogersVanessa Rogers

Vicky HenniganRemarkable Parents

William TullyLOGICal eMOTIONs


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