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  • Tracy says:

    Hi Michael!

    Your comment popped up as I was editing my main page – what a nice surprise. Interestingly enough I did take the reference to technology out of the permanent link to this page. Tech doesn’t necessarily make it hotter (though enough computers in a room could steam things up a bit ;) ) Literacy can heat things up on its own…

    In boxes but outside-the-box. That’s how things go around here.

    Thanks for your comment, looking forward to more.

  • I like to think outside the box (most people do when not being swatted); still, I like the way your blog plays with boxes, so maybe I like to read thoughts tucked in boxes even while I ponder outside of them.

    Literacy is indeed hot, but still not convinced most things high tech make it much hotter, unless I can count my Royal Futura typewriter (ca. 1956).

    I do like to talk about teaching and learning, though–it’s why I manage to wile away lovely afternoons snooping around the web.

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