How do we not give zeros? Voicethread response.

Using voice thread to respond to questions about grading practices.

Student Poetry 2: ‘Center’ by Kait

We’re reading Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, a novel written in free verse about 3 teenagers at a psychiatric hospital for trying to commit suicide. I asked my students to write some of their own poetry, as if they were there with them. Here is one that Kait recently sent me. She has agreed to let Student Poetry 2: ‘Center’ by Kait

If I am only for myself, what am I?

The attacks near the United Nations school really got to me. It is hard to write about what is going on in Israel and in Gaza. There is an assumption that because I am Jewish I am automatically pro-Israel in any situation. There is some guilt involved in speaking against Israel. But why is it If I am only for myself, what am I?

60 years of Human Rights Declaration, eh?

Are we truly committed to its ideals?

The Curious Case of Ped Days in Quebec

Quebec teachers have it made. We have 20 pedagogical (PED) days throughout the school year.