classroom management taken a step (or 2) too far

Image: Tantrum by Chirag Rathod made available on flickr via a creative commons license.

Kindergartner Charged With Felony Tantrum

A school called the police on a child in kindergarten who was having a temper tantrum. The child was arrested and a police report was written. I’d love to know the rationale behind that, or perhaps it is good I don’t. It is an example of how the end can never justify the means when it comes to teaching children. Regardless of the rationale, this little child – who was obviously already upset – spent the day at a police station, was handcuffed!

This again points to our need as a system of education to provide teachers and schools with the support they need to deal with difficult situations. And if the support isn’t there – we need to create it.

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  • Tracy says:

    Yes – I’ve asked myself all the same questions, Theresa111.

    I can only assume that they did and were met with uncooperative parents.

    But, whatever the rationale, the fallout falls directly on this child and will stay with him forever.

  • Theresa111 says:

    Why in Heaven’s name didn’t the teacher phone the parents or guardians? How stupid and insensitive! This poor child will be forever marked by this experience. They actually handcuffed the child? I smell a huge law suit here. Tell the parents to get a good attorney.

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