Discipline with Dignity

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But what is real learning? It’s learning beyond the test. Learning beyond the classroom.

and now…youtube.

my previous post about facebook got me to thinking about other online venues where kids are commenting on their teachers. If you go to YouTube and search for teacher, angry teacher, mad teacher, you will find quite a few cell phone videos of teachers who are out of control. (Teacher Yelling at Student, Angry Teacher) and now…youtube.

facing up to facebook

Over the past couple of weeks I have been hearing and reading about stories to do with facebook in (and out of) schools. At schools in Quebec and Ontario, students are being suspended for things that they are posting about their teachers and principals on facebook. These are the same kinds of things that students facing up to facebook

classroom management taken a step (or 2) too far

Image: Tantrum by Chirag Rathod made available on flickr via a creative commons license. Kindergartner Charged With Felony Tantrum slate.com A school called the police on a child in kindergarten who was having a temper tantrum. The child was arrested and a police report was written. I’d love to know the rationale behind that, or classroom management taken a step (or 2) too far

Parents protest ‘time-out’ cage in classroom

Parents protest ‘time-out’ cage in classroom (Last Updated: Friday, February 9, 2007 | 3:09 PM ET CBC News) A Shawinigan, Que., teacher who put a nine-year-old student in a lattice cage for misbehaving will not face any disciplinary measures, school board officials said Friday. The boy’s parents discovered their son, Félix, had been kept in Parents protest ‘time-out’ cage in classroom