they were the best of times…

…they were the – you get the idea.

Yesterday I signed all of the paperwork then waited around for 5 hours and got the keys to my new house! I didn’t really wait around as much as drove around – luckily my father decided to take the day off of work to accompany me. We went out for lunch, we drove around the countryside, he bought me a mailbox – the kind with the little red flag to tell me when I have mail (original ‘you’ve got mail’ notification). We checked out the painting that was begun on my house. It’s barn board grey, which will look nice with the red roof.

That evening my car decided to go berserk and this morning I had to tow it to the dealership, making me late for work. A whole bunch of money later and it’s well again.

Today one of my students didn’t show for an important exam. He’s sabotaging himself and I can’t help but feel wounded myself.

Tomorrow we will have our closing ceremonies and our computer that has all of the certificates I need to print and then laminate to hand out during the ceremony decided to stop working. I’m also in charge of the decorating committee so tomorrow will be a long day.

Then I move on Saturday morning.

I’m so thankful for…

  • My father, who was by my side throughout my signing extravaganza yesterday
  • Helen, who is organizing the amazing gang of people who are going to help me move on Saturday – herself, Ross, Stephane, Tara, Magda, Laura, Liz, Bill, Angus, and Lucinda.
  • Both of my parents, who are taking care of my 2 dogs for these few days before the move AND who are going to provide food and drinks for us all once we finish the move.
  • The kids – Vanessa, Alyssa, Melissa, and Ashley – who are running with their decorating committee duties
  • The towing guy, who hung around at the dealership to give me a lift to work afterwards
  • Marie, for keeping an eye on the decorating tasks yesterday while I took the day off to sign
  • Walter, who drove me to the dealer at the end of the day today
  • Lucinda, who is on her way over to help me finish my packing
  • Krissy, who stuck out that history exam to the very end despite being frustrated and unsure of what she knew

Life is good and so much easier because of all of you.

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