Thanks for your help: learning more about tech (digital storytelling) in secondary classrooms

I’ve received quite a bit of response from my plea for help in organizing a workshop I’ve been asked to give on integrating technology into secondary classrooms (2 workshops, one in English one in French) – Thank you :)

I’ll be using Teaching is a Verb – Enseigner, C’est Agir to share information with the workshop participants. The workshops will mainly be centred around digital storytelling in the content areas – I figured this was the easiest way to address the task I was given, “Can you put together a workshop on integrating technology in the High School Language Arts, History, and Science classes? Oh, and can you do a second one for French teachers? Thanks.”

At this point I have a whole slew of online resources to offer the teachers and to help organize my thoughts on the matter. I found a great Firefox add-on called Send Tab URLs that helped me to make a list of the resources I’ve collected so far.

There are a few examples of teaching and student practice among these links so far. I’d love to find more! The more I can show my teachers the better. The teachers who will be participating are already interested in the topic so theory will be kept to a bare minimum, though I’ll be able to direct anyone who is interested to the blog I am creating for any theory they want (I love theory :)

What they want is to see what it looks like in a classroom. I can show them final products, I can show them where to go to find different applications, but what I need to show them is what it looks like. If anyone has any resources for that, I’ll love you forever :)

From Send Tab URLs (38 links)

– The View From Here: Teaching the New Writing – Book

– Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Archives: How New Media is Transforming Storytelling: A New Video Series

– How to create …. – Digital Storytelling – Resources for assignments at University of Wollongong Library

– Secondary Cycle Two

– Technology Tools

– ecole

– Tutoriel pour créer un montage vidéo avec Windows Movie Maker – TIC@le: TIC, langues et formation des enseignant(e)s

– Inuktic

– Carrefour éducation

– Voicethread – FrankTechCamp2010

– Web 2.0 @ School – DigitalStorytelling

– CogDogRoo – 50 Ways

– USTREAM, You’re On. Free LIVE VIDEO Streaming, Online Broadcasts. Create webcasts, video chat, stream videos on the Internet. Live streaming videos, TV shows

– Your Brain on Computers – Studying the Brain Off the Grid, Professors Find Clarity –

– Professional blog |

– Digital_storytelling_Kirsty_McGeoch_IATEFL_2009.pdf (application/pdf Object)

– Center for Digital Storytelling

– Technology integration

– What motivates us to do good?

– » Teacher Resources

– Aberth Digital Storytelling — digital storytelling, participatory media and easing access to mass media for public expression

– Seven things to Avoid when making a digital story

– YouTube – spmath’s Channel

– What does exemplary technology infused Math instruction look like? (Middle & High School) | Welcome to NCS-Tech!

– Alternative Assessment with VoiceThread

– Google Forms for Assessment, Evaluation, and Reflection

– Technology

– VoiceThread as a Digital Portfolio « TeachingSagittarian

– Lightning Bug – Storyboarding

– The Digital Narrative – Find your story

– N°482 – Le Web 2.0 et l’école – Le Cercle de Recherche et d’Action Pédagogiques et les Cahiers pédagogiques

– Free Technology for Teachers: 140 New Things Being Tried In Classrooms This Fall

– Free Technology for Teachers: Free Downloads

– Edmodo | Secure Social Learning Network for Teachers and Students

– Storytelling — It’s News!

– digitalstorytelling – home

– digitalstoryca’s Bookmarks on Delicious

– monarchlibrary – digitalstorytelling

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