She’s Just Like You

Insight from Alyssa, one of my grade 1o students, who has graciously granted me permission to include this here.

She’s Just Like You

We’re always going to have that one person, that we’re jealous of.
Because, they’re prettier than us.
They have more friends then us. Their parents let them drink.
They’re dating the captain of the hockey team.
She gets with every guy.

But what you don’t know is,
They’re pretty, cause they wear so much makeup. cause they’re scared without the makeup, they’re nothing but a face.
They have more friends then us, but most of their friends talk behind their back,
Their parents let them drink, cause they don’t care.
They’re dating the captain of the hockey team, cause they need the security of being popular.
She gets with every guy cause she needs to feel cared about.

This girl that you’re so jealous of…
is just like you.
She’s scared of what people think of her,
so she wears make-up to cover up the truth.
She wants to be accepted,
so she dates the captain of the hockey team,

She has so much going on, on the inside,
that she needs to make herself feel better by being perfect on the outside.
but the inside, needs more repairs.


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