Hold on Tight

Spring has sprung, love is in the air.

I have received a spate of love poems from students lately, gotta be the spring in the air. Here is one from Sam, she has been with her boyfriend for over a year now. She stayed by his side through a horrible accident where he broke his back. This is how she feels about him.

Hold On Tight

I’ve made my choices,To no one else but you.
I pledge my love to forever be true.
I’ll take care of you in any condition and treat you right.
I’ll lay beside you all through the night.
I’ll gather us dinner and still kid around.
I’ll hug and kiss you and let you in my open heart,
listen to the sound.

I’ll help you and guide you to a clear path.
Like you helped me to a road to passing math
I’ll listen to your problems,help you solve them too.
I’ll be the the shining rainbows and let the sun shine through.
I’ll take your side,even if you are wrong.
Just to prove our love is still strong.

I’ll plant us flowers and make them grow.
They’ll be a symbol of our love that only you and i will know.
I’ll whisper your name like i always do,When no one is near.
So low that only you can hear.

You’ll feel my love around you even if we’re apart.
you’ll know that we are one in heart.
So remember when your eyes meet mine.
With how much i love you…you’ll never really know.
With each touch of your hand it’s like a falling flake of snow.

so these seven words i pray you hold true.
“Forever and always i will love you…

Student poetry: Love poem by Jean-Marc


Remember being in high school and in love? This poem is a perfect reminder of that time. Jean-Marc wrote it over the March break and I am finally getting around to post it!

Let me tell you a love poem about what i feel in my heart, butterflies in my stomach whenever we’re together. You’re a flower in bloom ready to burst as my heart is for you. It’s you that brightens my day not the sun, you’re brightness is like a drug to me it makes me want you every day , every way as long as you’re with me. People say you’re to Young to know what love is but who are they to say what love is , i know how it feels , i know what it is , it’s because I’m in love with you. There are so many words i cannot say, I want to be able to tell you one day, your friend I’ll always be, a shoulder to cry on Ill always be , a hand to pick you up on your feet I’ll always be , what I’m trying to say is I Love You and that will always will be. (L):)xox

Student Poetry 2: ‘Center’ by Kait

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. My students and I are liking this one. Click to view source.

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. My students and I are liking this one. Click to view source.

We’re reading Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, a novel written in free verse about 3 teenagers at a psychiatric hospital for trying to commit suicide.

I asked my students to write some of their own poetry, as if they were there with them. Here is one that Kait recently sent me. She has agreed to let me post it here.

centered in feeling so unbelievable
unbelievably small.
so here i am
here we all are
wanting, hurting
absolutely nothing
here i am wanting to feel pain
any, any, any sort of pain
to make me feel here, alive
in the center
getting centered in
just desperately wanting so much more.
so much more then this, then ever
confined in the center
of a world that is filled with colors, emotions, feelings
pain and hurts
i see grey, i feel nothing, i am nothing
and here you are
here i am
screaming loud and clear in this sound proof room
here we are in the center
centered in
feeling all sorts of different kinds
of nothing.

She’s Just Like You

Insight from Alyssa, one of my grade 1o students, who has graciously granted me permission to include this here.

She’s Just Like You

We’re always going to have that one person, that we’re jealous of.
Because, they’re prettier than us.
They have more friends then us. Their parents let them drink.
They’re dating the captain of the hockey team.
She gets with every guy.

But what you don’t know is,
They’re pretty, cause they wear so much makeup. cause they’re scared without the makeup, they’re nothing but a face.
They have more friends then us, but most of their friends talk behind their back,
Their parents let them drink, cause they don’t care.
They’re dating the captain of the hockey team, cause they need the security of being popular.
She gets with every guy cause she needs to feel cared about.

This girl that you’re so jealous of…
is just like you.
She’s scared of what people think of her,
so she wears make-up to cover up the truth.
She wants to be accepted,
so she dates the captain of the hockey team,

She has so much going on, on the inside,
that she needs to make herself feel better by being perfect on the outside.
but the inside, needs more repairs.