Response to ‘British Educators Explain Why Boys Fail’

When will the realization be made that it is not necessarily about different ways to teach different people?

Umpteen years ago people felt that girls were getting a disservice so it was time to change how teachers taught girls.

Now it is the boys who are getting shafted and it is time to change how teachers teach once again. And Education Week has made it all quite dramatic:

Why boys fail

Undoubtedly things will eventually tip the scales toward boy-teaching and girls will soon be failing once again. Or maybe boys schools are suffering from under-enrolment and this is a brilliant marketing campaign.


(I feel like a broken record lately)

It is not this or that, it is both this and that.

We can focus on an inclusive teaching philosophy that teaches everyone. We really can and it’s not rocket science.

Let’s start with the same list I came up with when talking about how teaching kids with special needs was not rocket science, shall we?

This just makes too much sense to me. I get irked that we are muddying the waters, looking for magic bullets when all we have to do is care more about our students as people.