reflection on Steve Ransom’s words: integrate or integral

This morning I decided to pay a visit to Steve Ransom’s blog since it had been a while and I found these words of wisdom in Integrate or Integral:

So, I think the work that still needs to be done is to help bring
vision back to teachers who have lost it, to help teachers no longer
excited about learning new things find that spark, to rekindle their
desire to connect with students, to help teachers take risks and to
make failure safe, to reward collaboration and innovativeness, to
foster a community of practice… I think THIS is where technology
becomes integral. Any less, and technology, at best, is integrated. At
worst, tolerated.

Steve got to the heart of what I think to be integral for education reform in this paragraph.

Lately I’ve been spending time reading and reflecting on Pete Reilly’s blog as well and I have read similar thoughts there.

In essence, education reform needs to be humanistic, focusing on the human relationships that can be cultivated amongst teachers, focusing on real needs.

As I’ve quoted here earlier,

“…classroom teachers are the only real agents of school reform. It is
teachers who translate policy into action; who integrate the complex
components of standards, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment into
comprehensible and pragmatic instruction; and who balance an
ever-changing array of political, economic, social, and educational
factors while trying to meet the individual needs of children.”~Ending the Silence by Donna M. Marriott (2003)

Address the real needs of teachers and the needs of students will in turn be addressed. I guarantee it.

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