mind bending…for real ;)

I just discovered this new (to me, at least) blog On the Brain by Dr. Merzenich, a leader in neuroplasticity from UCSF.

I’m excited about this little discovery because brain plasticity – the ability my, your brain has to reorganize itself – supports my belief that I can find ways to help people learn, that learning can happen as long as it is consistent, appropriate, and timely. I’m looking forward to staying up to date with the latest research here.

Among the many resources here I was led to children of the code, a site based on learning to read and understand ‘the code’ – the techhnology of written language.

In a nutshell, taken from the site:

The Children of the Code project has four major components:

  1. A three hour Public Television, DVD
    and Web documentary series;
  2. A ten-hour college, university, and professional development DVD
  3. A series of teacher and parent presentations and seminars;
  4. A cross-indexed website/database containing audio, video and
    transcripts with the world’s leading experts on reading.

Each has five major themes:

  1. The history of the code and its effects on the world around and
    within us;
  2. The cognitive, emotional, academic, and social challenges involved
    in learning to read;
  3. How the structure of the code effects learning to read it;
  4. How the brain learns to read;
  5. How teachers and parents can help children learn to read

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