Lessons from a baby giraffe

I wonder if my students – 15-18 year olds – will find this as wondrous as I?

They didn’t know she was pregnant until they saw some hooves poking through.
It’s amazing, the things that go on and we don’t even know they are happening.

The mother licks the baby clean, caring for it, making sure it is healthy, then kicks it to help make it strong so it can survive.
Love isn’t all softness and comfort.


home page image from the Guardian.


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    Look~ Mom gave birth to baby giraffe! Cute! [link to post]

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  • Tracy says:

    I agree with all of you, this video has many layers of meaning – from the pure amazement of watching the beginning of a new life to the deeper connections we can make to our own lives. Micheal, I may use it in a synectic activity, asking my students to write about how the video relates to their own circumstances as they start anew, in a sense, in their alternative school program.

  • Michael Doyle says:

    G’morning Tracy!

    What a nice way to start the day–I love the way the newborn gazes at the world. Confusion, amazement–yes, I’m anthropomorphizing, but let’s call it mammalizing instead.

    I need a good kick in the side–lesson plans need banging out. I need to work this video into them if I can.



  • Ken Allan says:

    Kia ora Tracy!

    Thanks for this. I always find it amazing watching the birth of African mammals. Elephants, zebras, springboks, wildebeests etc are all born with a congenital ability to walk and trot for they literally have to keep up with the herd from when born.

    If we think of what this means in terms of learning – considering it takes a human child sometimes a year to learn to toddle – it’s just all there from the start. Amazing examples of nature’s survival kits in action.


    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

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  • Heather Loy says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing. I’ve long been fascinated with giraffes as they are so funky looking, but strangely cute! And here I thought tough love was just a human thing.

  • teacherninja says:


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