Just whose achievement gap is it, anyway?

Image: found on the Internet Ray Tracing Competition website

Found this, love it.

We must reject the ideology of the “achievement gap” that absolves
adults of their responsibility and implies student culpability in
continued under-performance. The student achievement gap is merely the
effect of a much larger and more debilitating chasm: The Educator
Achievement Gap. We must erase the distance between the type of
teachers we are, and the type of teachers they need us to be.

From Teaching in the 408 by TMAO (really hoping that means what I think it means.)

Reminds me of a quote that used to hang in a colleague’s office:

If you’ve told him how to do it a million times and he still doesn’t get it, then who is the slow learner?

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  • TeacherJay says:

    Excellent quote thanks for posting! It reminds me also of Einstein’s famous definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results… which seems to be what many school teachers try to do with students that “can’t learn”

  • Tracy says:

    Ignore me, just testing my gdesklet rss feeder :)

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