I love tutoring :)

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Oops! I neglected to write about this! I had forgotten how much I love tutoring. I met Eunice and Eugene (not their real names but if I ever have twins I may just need to torture them with those names – delightful!) on Wednesday and the 2 hours flew by. They are both very excited about their new lives in Canada. Eugene was quick to show me the practice puck he managed to nab when he saw the Canadians win over the Bruins in game 6 (maybe he should have brought his luck along with him and attended game 7…) and said that he couldn’t wait to learn how to play hockey. Eunice was bubbling over with the French words she already knows, though she was always quick to remind me that she doesn’t understand it all that much.

I’ve been to them now 3 times and they really are a delight to work with. I thought that an hour would be too long for little Eunice who is 6 but actually the time allows me to be generous with the few minutes of downtime she needs between the reinforcing and learning of new concepts.

Yesterday I was tired and just wanted to lie on the couch with my little Jacky Boy in my arms but once I got to their house I was fine. I guess this is good practice for September when I will be (hopefully) working full time.

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