Hope for the future. My dilemma.

My driving force has always been hope for the future. That everything I do is buttressed by this incredible hope for the future. Indeed, that everything we do in education is held up by the same.

There is a lot of talk about hope lately. There has to be because some pretty hope-less events are happening.

Men are being killed for the colour of their skin and their killers are not being punished for the colour of theirs.

Women are lost/missing/disregarded for their ties to the land.

Children are dying for a difference in matrilineal lineage.

If we look at the comments to almost any article written about these events, the situations seem even more dire.

My dilemma is that I place hope in the future. Or towards the future. So today I question: must hope always refer to the future?

If I focus on hope, do I deny the good being done today, for today?

As educational leaders – and to this I include teachers, consultants, administrators, support staff – we need to lead our learners to find the actions and events infused with hope that are happening in the present.


I. Hope.


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