High school: the more things change

This could be any gym in any high school at this time of year: prepared for final exams with tables in a row – inspiring the fear of cheating, whispering, failing. Over the past 30 years, we have witnessed and experienced such incredible change to how we access information and communicate with each other: In High school: the more things change

On gardening and understanding

When I garden I want to tear my hair out along with the weeds and grass at times because there just seems to be so much to pull to let the plants I love to breathe and shine. My first inclination could be to just pull haphazardly but I’ve noticed that if I patiently allow On gardening and understanding

Hope for the future. My dilemma.

My driving force has always been hope for the future. That everything I do is buttressed by this incredible hope for the future. Indeed, that everything we do in education is held up by the same. There is a lot of talk about hope lately. There has to be because some pretty hope-less events are Hope for the future. My dilemma.

Conflict & Love & Change.

I have been thinking a lot about the role that conflict plays in making change. Change would not happen if they were no conflict. Great change happens because of conflicting opinions, of challenges, and of a questioning of principles. I believe that conflict can allow us to create beautiful things together. Margaret Heffernen calls this Conflict & Love & Change.

The magic of data: but how do we get there?

Nurturing the human piece. Therein lies the magical rub. The following are some lines to reflect on from: Experts: Here’s how to turn data into achievement by Dennis Pierce “Data is about infusing classrooms with information that changes the trajectory of learning,” “…struggled to get teachers on board with using data to inform instruction. “How The magic of data: but how do we get there?