Honouring their commitment to change

I found out today that the teacher I am replacing for the year has handed in her official resignation. This means that I can possibly stay in my position permanently. HOT. For real! Why is this? Because I feel that I am doing real work here. Real work with kids that shows I am we are making a difference.

The change is significant. It's my duty to honour it. It's as beautiful and natural as seeds becoming flower. (click image for source)

The change is significant. It's my duty to honour it. It's as beautiful and natural as seeds becoming flower. (click image for source)

We are the 50 students and 4 teachers in our alternative program for Grade 10 and 11 students. It’s long, hard work – today I arrived in my classroom at 7:30am and left it at 7:15 pm. We are in the middle of an exam week and I saw kids who were tired and frustrated sticking it out, staying late to make sure they get it – whether ‘it’ be math, English, History, whatever. These are kids who are in our program because up until they were accepted into it this or last year they spent more time skipping class then attending it. These are kids who used to walk away when things got tough. They’d still like to, I know it because they tell me, but they don’t. They don’t.

Not all of the students I have this year are showing this same commitment, and some may not make it until the end of the year because of this lack of commitment. But those that do, they are going places. Because if they can make such deep and significant personal change as choosing to succeed rather than fail, choosing to tough it out rather than give up, in such a short time, then they can do anything. For Real. And imagine, these are only the seeds.

hmm. It’s time for change all over, isn’t it?


  • Great news, Tracy.

    Elona Hartjess last blog post at [site]..Nuturing intrinsic motivation in your students

  • sweetleaf says:

    i love how parallel realities are, no matter the realm. i mean, isn’t this the same story i have been watching unfold the last 8-16 mths., with a different cast of characters and the world being the setting for the classroom. changes are taking place simultaneously, or in relation to, or because of??? awesome.
    another thought i had on this post, is not all of us are here to set the world on fire…so to speak, like me. we all have different callings, beat a different drum. some of us take longer than others to find our personal rhythms. it is just nice to find one, (rhythm) that can harmonize with others, even if not the same beat, tempo, and/or whatnots. sometimes it is hard to know what to commit to. (especially if you have any rebel in you). does that make sense? i do remember that age, sort of…i remember trying out my options for personal adaptability and reference. i did commit to certain values, morals, and ethics, but i gotta admit, i’m still a bit lose in the direction part. :)

    • Tracy says:

      I know what you mean! That’s why I linked to Jose’s emotional voting night post. Did you read it?

      And yes, you make sense. Personal rhythm can be a lifetime in developing. I feel so blessed that I am working with a group of kids who are trying to get a head start in finding theirs. For real.

      • sweetleaf says:

        yes, you are blessed and way to pass that on. i think the ages of 5th-9th grades are magical. not sure why i do, i just do. the other grades are just plain cool on their own merit.
        i did not see jose’s voting post, but i will look for it. i have had but brief moments to spend anywhere these days, especially on line. i’ll for sure check his post out though. when i return later today. now it’s hump time for follow through on personal commitments.
        and tracy, thank you for the reassurance that i can communicate…

  • Tracy says:

    Thank you Ken. I love the poetry you leave on this blog.

  • Ken Allan says:

    Kia ora Tracy.

    Seeds of change.

    I wrote a verse with that
    title way back in the 90s.

    Seeds Of Change

    When is a poem not a poem
    And verse runs into prose?
    When is a home not a home
    And strife contemptuous grows?
    The Differential Calculus
    Defines the least derivative
    Of increments too small for us
    In subtle terms definitive,
    But the myriad seeds of change that fall
    By each gradation’s measure
    Differentiate the large from tall,
    The enjoyment from the pleasure;
    If this sonnet is not proved true,
    I’ve never judged, nor yet have you.

    If you like it, it’s yours Tracy.

    Ka kite

    Ken Allans last blog post at [site]..Communicating in Space and Cyberspace

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