Google knows my friends and family, cool or creepy?

In writing a comment for Mr Gonzalez’s post about his plans to use iPads in Science, I did a little google search on iPad’s wifi issues because, to be honest, I don’t trust iPad’s network connection enough yet to use it in a classroom.

I was surprised to see, at the bottom of the first search page a link written by someone from my professional learning community – Chris Parsons.

Google Social Circle and Chris

At first I thought, Cool! Look, it’s Chris! Then I noticed the fine print by the article title:

Beta – My Social Circle – My Social Content.
connected via

Has anyone else noticed this in their google searches?

I’m going back and forth from this is cool, to this is creepy.

On the same note, Google street view has a view of the front of my parents’ house, with my mom in it. She’s standing in their garage. Again, cool? creepy?