Desperately Seeking Text Readers

…but good ones. And free. Not asking for much, eh? ;)

So far I have found a number of free text-to-speech readers, but they all sound VERY computer-y and as such are not really helpful for my students. They find them difficult to understand.

I’m looking for free because, well, we’re in a public school and expensive programs to use with only a few students are not so easy to ask for!

Though…if anyone can recommend a REALLY GOOD text-to-speech reader with multiple functionalities and an easy user interface with a reasonable fee, I’d like to know about that, too.

Here is a collection of what I have found so far (actually, this is a great review site):

Free text-to-speech software downloads 

And here is one I just found and will have to try:

Speak It – Firefox  Addon


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