Creative Writing Quicky (backup)

Choose an image to write a story about.

Minimum 200 words :)

Write your story in Word and post it as a comment on MY BLOG!


  • conner says:

    I think that the plan had to moths presser on won side and the plan started to crack and they needed to land but wan they war about to land the plan crake in have and everybody did but I think its fake be coos it looks like they cut o a plainsong the pick so I think its fake

  • tasha says:

    good job tyler i like this storie keep up the good work

  • elona says:

    Alex, Brandon,Daisy,Shakeel, Tyler and Troy,
    I really enjoyed reading your stories. It was interesting to read all the different ideas you had about the same pictures. I look forward to reading more of your stories. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

  • tyler says:

    t he boy fishing with his dad . he cot big fish they took the boat dad is the was so happy of his son cot a fish his dad was happy at him the teeth crack it was funny picture and jean are wet dad was happy at him very good boy it was cool he cool his dad not his a hat. There are fishing in lake in Ottawa Ontario truck t strut are good what could fish it is form Tyler

  • troy says:

    There’s a car crash in a city that I don’t know I thing a car crash into the cars. I thing it is in the states. The accident looks pretty bad what happing in the picture. In the picture there’s shoes on the road there’s eight people when the accident happing. After the person in the car probable went to the hospital. After the person hade to be rushed to the hospital I find that’s not funny because I know that’s guy that I new for a long time he was driving his car to quiet and he flip over and hit the top of his cars. After he passed away and he was cool. The car looks like a Lincoln the name I think who was driving her name I think her name is Judy. There are all kinds off stuff on the road I think someone was trying to rob the car and probable money and phones they probable hit the side of the doors. The guy was probable talk to the police what happing asking if there was a lot of blood. They might take the car away it a bad accident. I find this accident was not fun for the person that was driving.

  • shakeel says:

    The guy who was driving his car was speeding and he lost control of the car and he cod died in the car and I think that he it look like the car roll oven . And his family look sad and his kids are sad and his wife would be vary sad or they were in the axe den to or it looks like a police car and it rolled over. I wonder how much people in the car.

  • daisy says:

    What happened? The car crashed, the cops came and the cops to check for a fire. The people to comes for the cops is dangerous. I like the cops. The cops is good.
    Then what to the hospital. The doctor help them

    The end

  • brandon says:

    Car crash.

    One day there was 1 girl 2 boys and they got into a car crash. The young boy was 5 years old and the dad was the driver and he’s 32 the mom is 33. It was a white car and they have bad luck sometimes and that day they had a car crash and the little boy die in the back of the car there was a skidoo on the side of the road and there was no snow and no one was on it and it was driving on its on so they got scared so they hit the side of the road then they flipped over the police didn’t know what happen so the mom and dad try to explain what happen and the mom and dad said there was a skidoo on the side of the road and there was no one on it so they looking at it and it flipped the cops were scared because when they got there they didn’t see a skidoo. The cops said were you guys high or something they said no? We really seen the skidoo it said arctic cat on the side it was green, black purple the car that they had the accident with is a ford corn Victoria.. it would be scary if I was in the car:P..

  • alex says:

    There was a accident near the high way
    There was to people were involve in the accident
    The accident was in Montréal.
    2 people were dead when the accident happens.
    The police was there when the accident happen.
    The police officers were finding who cause the
    Accident. The people who got hurt in the
    accident happen Alex and Tyler where involve
    in the accident. They were sent to the hospital
    the accident happen at 2:30. the people were
    sad when they saw the accident at 2:30.
    The police told Alex and Tyler not to have
    an accident again. There was a two boots on the road.
    The were Tyler and Alex. The police found who
    Cause the accident. It was Tyler and Alex.
    Because we were having fun in the car.
    But the police said you don’t have fun
    In the car. News was talking about
    Alex and Tyler having fun driving to the arcade.
    We were driving a white car. We were going 126km.
    We hit another car and the other 2 people died.
    We wont drive fast any more. Because we don’t
    Want to get caught by the police and put in jail.
    You should not drive fast.

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