Constructivism mind map

The content of this mind map is taken directly from Marcy Driscoll’s map, found on p. 384 of Psychology of learning for Instruction (2005).

The point of this post is that I wanted to play around with mindmeister‘s map embed function. It’s pretty cool, at first I though that it had chopped off part of my map, but then I realized that I could drag the map around in order to see what I was missing and I could zoom in or out…neat :)

Originally I had tried to play around with…unfortunately they still have some bugs with Linux (Ubuntu, to be precise). I tried it with firefox, swiftweasel, and epiphany…but no go or, to be more precise, partial go. I could use it, the problem was it would only save part of it – no matter how many times I tried to re-type the content. Too bad because I prefer the interface and the flexibility of glinkr to mindmeister. Hopefully they’ll figure out the problem soon!


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