Can anyone say…TIRED?

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The other morning a colleague pointed out that we have something like 33 more days of teaching. Those are going to be some long days. I am a tired teacher. And this is the worst time of year to be tired! Lately we have had some glorious days of 20+ degrees (that’s celsius) and sunshine and no one wants to be in the hot stuffy classroom. The students are restless, and so is their teacher.

I also have a major project due tomorrow (though I may not have it in on time – can Saturday be considered ‘end of the week’? I think so…). The first of many to come over the next few years as I make my way through this PhD program.

And I need to write a grant proposal for the school. So hard to think of next year’s activity when I am so tired!

And, we had so much snow this year that we have no more PED days left in our year!

Yup, tired.

Fouund this on Squidoo:

Tips for Tired Teachers.

Haven’t read it yet. I’ll get around to it when I’ve had some rest ;)

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  • Miss Profe says:

    Oh, how I can relate. I recall exactly how I was feeling way back in April. June couldn’t come soon enough, and there was yet so much to do.

    I hope you accomplished your tasks. Good luck with the grant proposal.

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