A New Home

Some of you have been around for the past few weeks as I have been testing out the new site, and here it finally is – the new home of Leading From the Heart!

The major changes are:

  • I now host the site
  • I found this fun theme and modified it a tad
  • I’ve decided to focus my writing, minimizing the categories and writing along distinct themes:

I like this theme because it is forcing me to organize my posts in a new way.

To start, I have these ones:

  • News: For blog-related news and new posts
  • Classroom: For school (work) related items.
  • Personal Research: For school (university) related items.
  • ShoutOuts: For when I quote fellow edubloggers who I feel have said something worth underlining.
  • Word: For quotes from music, poetry, prose…
  • Tech: For technology specific posts.
  • Pedagogy & Theory: For, well, P & T ;)

I’m feeling good about starting anew

As always, feedback is fun :)


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