A Lesson from Robin

Facebook and, I imagine, Twitter exploded today with the news of Robin Williams’ death. I found myself touched more than with other celebrity deaths. Rumours, still rumours, say that it was at his own hand. That depression was a factor. It’s public knowledge that he had problems with drugs.

I did not know the man other than through his brilliant performances. But all of that – possible depression, struggles with addiction, and constant performance – make me think of some of the students I have had the great pleasure of meeting over the years. Students who always seem to take up too much space in a room. There’s a reason for it. The more space you take up, the farther you can keep people away.

It’s easier to build strong children than rebuild broken men, or something like that.

As teachers, as people, we are humanely obligated to build strong children. It’s part of a continual process of creating hope for the future.

I hold on to that hope.

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