2nd Educational Technology Blog Carnival

I had never heard of a blog carnival before last week when I read about this one on Scott McLeod’s Dangerously Irrelevant. A blog carnival is a way of culling together blog posts around a shared theme:

“The goal is to bring the educational blogging community together, to explore themes from a wide variety of starting points, and to respond to one another and refine our ideas.

So I decided to submit one of my posts and it has been included in the 2nd Educational Technology Blog Carnival…how fun is that?! :)

The next blog carnival will be focused around the theme of Access and you can read about how to submit by going to the 2nd edition of the Educational Technology Blog Carnival,where you will also be able to read through the posts that were included in this edition of the carnival.

I love this idea – it is a fine one!

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  • Tracy Rosen says:

    Do I hear that you are going to be starting a blog carnival at work? What a fabulous idea!
    Do many of your teachers already have blogs? It could also be interesting to open it up to people outside of your school as well, but on a topic of relevance to your staff – extending the learning community beyond your walls.
    Getting shivers!

  • I love the idea of a Blog Carnival! I have only been doing this since June and I find that I have so much to say. I have enjoyed exploring your site! I think a Blog Carnival would be a great way to get my staff to get more invovled in technology and it’s infusion into educaiton!

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