Month: January 2009

in the mood for spring

in the mood for spring Originally uploaded by lichtmaedel We received upwards of 30cm of snow over the past two days. I’ve always been in love with this photo, I’m desperately in love with it today! I planted poppy seeds (no, not the ones from my bagel, the ones from the pods my mother gave in the mood for spring

Re-post: Free to be a princess and run with the wind…

I found this over at Flip Flopping Joy. I used to love love love Free to be… You and Me as a child. The stories still hold life lessons. Enjoy. And may you always run freely with the wind.

Crimes against Children: Am I Not Human?

An article on today’s struck me. It seemed unbelievable, the title seemed out of a supermarket paper, a tabloid: Quebec pastor who took child bride sentenced to 5 years According to the article, when Daniel Cormier was 48 he, a self-proclaimed pastor, married a 10-year old member of his Church. His Church was for Crimes against Children: Am I Not Human?

Montreal may ban insults to police

Montreal may ban insults to police. Story from er… what do you think of this? Me? I think it’s wrong. Definitely, people should respect others – regardless of the role(s) they play in society. But last I heard it wasn’t against the law to act jerky – and I do consider people who insult Montreal may ban insults to police

Blogapalooza 2009

It’s a task, trying to trackback how I discovered something via social media. I follow a modest hundred or so people on twitter, have a few hundred friends on the book, and then there are the bloggers in my rss feed. But I am pretty darn sure I found out about Blogapalooza via @Linda704. Like Blogapalooza 2009