Month: January 2009

Antarctica goes North

Feeling a bit like this today. There are times when I feel confident, that I understand a situation, and then there are times when something happens that makes me realize what I understood was not really true at all. Antarctica goes North. The rest of this post has been edited, on the advice of two Antarctica goes North

7 things: A meme gleaned from Kate

I generally ignore these ‘things about me’ memes but lately I’m feeling introspective (for a few holy cow reasons that I may get into at a later date :) ) and have decided to take Kate up on her invitation and keep this meme moving. So, 7 things you probably don’t know about me… I 7 things: A meme gleaned from Kate

Let there be light!

I am learning how affected I am by the light. Yesterday I looked through a year’s worth of blog posts as I submitted 1 post for each month of 2008 to Blogapalooza and saw a pattern. In the depths of winter, whenever there is a lack of light, I have doubts. I am down. I Let there be light!

Racism on Radio-Canada. Embarrassing. Sickening.

I just signed a complaint directed to the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) whose job it is to regulate what is aired in Canada. The complaint has to do with Radio-Canada’s New Year’s Eve show, Bye-Bye 2008. Here is an example of what we are complaining about. The video is in French, but has Racism on Radio-Canada. Embarrassing. Sickening.

Cherishing the quiet moments

When I went to bed last night it was -1 degree Celsius outside. This morning Montreal woke to a temperature of -23 with a wind chill factor of -36 and the news that it will stay that way, maybe even getting colder, until Monday. Cold as all get out. It wasn’t easy getting started this Cherishing the quiet moments