in the mood for spring

in the mood for spring

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We received upwards of 30cm of snow over the past two days. I’ve always been in love with this photo, I’m desperately in love with it today!

I planted poppy seeds (no, not the ones from my bagel, the ones from the pods my mother gave me from her poppies) in the fall. Only … oh boy … 3-4 months until I hope to see some poppies in my garden. Oh Joy!

I received a wonderful gift yesterday though. I took a taxi to a doctor’s appointment because I did not want to a) dig out my car and b) deal with looking for parking around the hospital and then around my apartment upon my return. Not to mention the fun of driving in a snow covered Montreal and possibly getting stuck behind the dreaded snow removal operations that could potentially add hours (seriously) to any car trip! I arrived back home later in the evening to discover that my car had been cleared off and dug out along with a path to my front door and my front steps! I really do have an absolutely wonderful man in my life.


  • Tracy says:

    Tell me about it. It’s time. Unfortunately those rodents declared 6 more weeks of winter. Don’t shrug off the coat too soon, Jose, and looks like we’ll be waiting a minute or two for those blooms, Elona.

  • Jose says:

    Yeah seriously. The spring can’t come any sooner, so I can do things like take off this ridiculous coat and not worry whether I’m going to fall ass backwards onto some ice. And I’m sure you’re going to see a little more spring just because you wrote this post. In the interim, let me stop breathing so the gust doesn’t make me colder :: shakes head::

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  • Tracy,
    I’m waiting for spring too. Just heard that this January has been the coldest here in Mississauga for 170 years and we’ve already had more snow this year than all of last. You’re waiting for poppies. I’m waiting for the pussy willows to bloom.

    Luckily, right mow 6 of my orchids are blooming to distract me.

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  • Michael Doyle says:

    Imbolc less than two twirls of the Earth away.

    I was looking for crocuses today–a bit too optimistic, but no longer ridiculous.

    Yahweh. (Apparently Hebrew doesn’t transcribe here, or at least on my end–but maybe it does on yours–????)


  • Tracy says:

    You’re absolutely right, Steve. There is no better and more hopeful place than Montreal during those first warm days as the blanket starts to melt. Walking down the street you can trip over people you haven’t seen in months who are out trying help shrug the blanket off the streets. Ooooh – I’m looking forward to it!

  • Steve Ransom says:

    It’s coming… Just hold on.
    But oh… do I have NOT fond memories of snow and cars in La Belle Province, especially in NDG. The parking/snow cleaning nightmare just seems like it will never end. But it does. And folks living in the south have no idea of how northerners like those in Montreal celebrate even the first hints of spring. Even when it was still cold (above freezing though), I can distinctly remember everyone out sitting on their porch or steps along the streets in Westmount and NDG in tshirts and shorts just soaking in the sun – hoping to tease summer to arrive even faster.

    Thanks for making me visualize all of that again… Good memories!

    Spring is on the way!

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