Today, one of my students…

…I swear, I could start a million sentences with that phrase.

Today one of my students told me that no had ever told her they missed her before today, when I was letting her have it for the attitude she was spreading around the room. I told her that if it continued after 2nd recess I’d have no option but to ask her to leave and I didn’t want to do that because I would miss her insight during our daily meeting. And then she told me that no one had ever said that to her before, that they missed her.

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I’m thankful she focused on that and not the wahn wahn wahn Charlie Brown teacherness of the rest of the message I was saying.


  • Tracy Rosen says:

    A combination…more of it overall from all of their teachers, but doled out as needed.
    One of the most powerful things we can do for students is to acknowledge their uniqueness, what makes them human.
    Actually, it’s the most powerful thing we can do for anyone. period.

  • jose says:

    That’s cute. Makes one wonder if they really need more of that or just in spurts so they learn to appreciate it …

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