Taking Action

I added a new plugin to Leading from the Heart this morning – ‘Possibly Related Classroom Projects’.

This plugin checks out the keywords of a post and matches them with keywords from classroom projects that need your help from donerschoose.org. It then includes links to those projects at the end of the post.

I initially saw this plugin at work on Clay’s blog, Beyond School, and then saw it again on Social Actions, a network I recently joined (It’s founder, Peter Deitz, is a fellow Montrealer – shout OUT!).

Not believing in coincidences, I knew it was time to check it out further. So here you go. Teachers have great ideas to help children learn and a passion for making them come alive – and can always use help with that. No doubt.

So this is my way of spreading the news about teachers who could use a helping hand. Check out the links below my posts. Who knows, maybe you can help out.

I have an idea brewing for my own use of both networks. Jim Murphy of Wounded Knee Skateboards and I have been plotting all summer to join forces in getting my students involved in raising awareness about aboriginal situations. Some of my students are Mohawk and involved in skateboard culture, so it’s my entry point for them to explore personal and community history. Still at the plotting stages, I’ll definitely be keeping you all posted as it unfolds and, if needed, we will be tapping community resources via Social Actions and Doners Choose.

Click on the board to see the board designs at Wounded Knee Skateboards

Keep an eye on us – we intend to be shaking em up, waking em up…


  • Tracy says:

    Hi Peter – that is very cool…and makes sense! Though…I wonder how they will go about doing that and not creating some kind of conflict of interest. Or does that even matter?

    I will definitely keep in touch once school starts and I can get more of a grip on this project. Thanks for the offer of help – greatly appreciated!

    I used to live there…loved it. Now I’m further south, near that other market ;) I’ll keep in touch via the Social Actions site. It seems like a great way to connect.


  • Peter Deitz says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for blogging about our DonorsChoose plugin. Word has it that DonorsChoose is about to add the plugin to their own blog. How cool is that?

    Please let me know if you have any questions about putting together a campaign related to skateboard culture and indigenous issues. Sounds like a great action.

    If ever you want to meet up in Montreal, I’m based in Petite Patrie, near marche Jean-Talon.

    All the best,

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