School Makes Me…

Yesterday I shared a photo shared by one of my facebook friends. When I first saw it, I had a visceral reaction – my gut literally lurched as I read the words in the image. This morning, as I saw my own friends react in very much the same way to the image, I decided to do some after the fact-checking.

Here is the original image:


I did my own search with the same terms and came up with this, not quite as descriptive but equally as disturbing:

20130128-055454.jpg, well in character, comes up with a slightly more optimistic version:


But things return to their dire straits with a slight change in the search terms:


So what does this mean, this assumption on the part of Google that school basically sucks? Since Google provides results based on popular searches…it means that when people type in ‘School makes me’ or ‘School gives me’ they very often complete their searches with those very sad qualifiers.

We have the power to change this.

On a googlish level, we need to start looking for hope. Start searching for the stories that portray school as a transformative space, full of hope, love, care, and relationships.

On a larger level, in our schools and centres, with our students and teachers, we need to live those stories. As educators, we need to be hopeful, loving, and caring. We need to connect with our students and with each other in a way that supports, in a way that ensures no one sees school as a lonely, sad, anxiety-ridden place.

It starts with caring.

We so have the power to change this.

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  • Rosemary says:

    I cannot agree more! Seeing that post on Facebook made me incredibly sad… and angry. We need to create basic paradigm shifts concerning teachers, schooling, classrooms and get the best people in there co-creating knowledge with students.

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