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Well, I thought that none of my students were able to complete the end of year feedback assignment due to technical difficulties at school, but evidently one was able to…and I quote:

…and what I didn’t like of this year was the teacher that I had becuase I she made us have meetings and she was yelling at my friends and I didn’t like that. and the outher thing that I didn’t like of thst year was peopple where picking on me more then last year…


That teacher was me. Her last memory of me was of me raising my voice at students in the class who felt that summer vacation had begun before it really had.

Regardless of the reason, she remembers me as the teacher who was ‘yelling at my friends’.


Note for next year…remember that the end of the school year is trying for everyone. And that there are other ways to give students a reminder of what they need to do than by showing them my frustrations.

And I don’t remember who said it, some have attributed it to Maya Angelou I think but…

…they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care…


…People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel


  • Tracy says:

    Thanks for your comment, Steve. I like to think that my students feel my care for them, perhaps even because I hassle them.

  • Steve Ransom says:

    Tracy, regardless of our inability to control everything and to be responsible for everyone’s emotions, that quote is still worth taking to heart. The fact is, that even kids who we hassle can feel our caring and concern for them. Many kids need us to ride them and stay on their backs. The tricky part is to always to that with the spirit of love and caring. If we do and can persist, they will know that we have their best interests at heart. They may not like us every day (or many days), but that’s okay. Our emotions and frustrations are bound to get the best of us sometimes, but I have found that there is nothing like a good apology (for losing one’s cool… not for disliking bad behavior) that can really help such situations… in the classroom, in friendships, … in all relationships. Our students need to see our humanity – the bad and the good.


  • Tracy says:

    Thanks for the comment, Prin.

  • prin says:

    I had a teacher in high school who used to bang a pot on her desk when we got too rowdy. At the time, she was a super b****, but looking back on it now, I find it a hilariously creative way of shutting us up. Now, you’re a baddie, but as time passes, the empathy sinks in and that kid won’t remember you as the yeller so much as the teacher they just pushed too far. Frankly, that’s a lot better than “teacher who fell asleep during the oral presentations” and “teacher who never gave me a chance”. Right?

  • Miss Profe says:

    We’ve all been there, Tracy. Please try and forgive yourself. We do the best we can at that point in time.

  • Tracy says:

    Thanks Elona – I know you can’t win all the time, and I know that they are teens with immediate priorities…it’s still frustrating! And thanks also for your own story – made me giggle and reminds me of a kid or 2 I know :)

  • Tracy,
    I love your graphic because that’s how I feel sometimes. You can’t win all the time.

    I had a student stop coming to class this semester because as she told the VP I didn’t respect her. I was a bit puzzled by that because I wonder what I was supposed to respect

    1. her use of her cell phone in class contrary to school rules
    2. her coming to class usually 20 minutes late and telling me she’s quite aware of the time
    3. her telling me that I don’t understand the only reason she is in my class is because of lacrosse
    4. her telling me nothing I have to say is important
    5.her only handing in 3 assignments since mid Marc
    6. her telling me my class was a retard class
    7. her creating dramatic scenes in class to amuse herself and totally disrupt the learning environment

    With some kids you can’t win.

    When I get discouraged I remind myself about the message from PBS’s video the Teenage Brain because it explains much about preteens and teens. If you haven’t seen it, it’s available on line. Just google and you can get the link.

    Tracy, remember we’re only human.


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