Flipping videos all over the place aka what is a true flip?

Does flipped learning, flipped classroom, flipped ________, have to always be about replacing content with video? Because, let me tell you, that’s what I seem to be seeing and it is driving me CRAZY that I am constantly being referred to video.

I like to learn via text. Via lists. Poetry. Words. I like to read.

Replacing content with a video is not reforming education. It is wrapping it with a different bow.

What excites me about learning, what I find novel, inspiring, and full of hope has to do with the spark of relationship between teachers and students. Between different members of a school community. Once there is caring – true caring for our students as learners, as people, magic can and does happen.

(Now, that’s a flip.)

Just replacing content with a video version of it doesn’t.

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