dreams and connections to the spirit

Image: Forest Whitaker from Red Carpet Treatment on Reuters Blogs

When I was a kid, the only way that I saw movies was from
the backseat of my family’s car. At the drive-in. And, it wasn’t my
reality to think I would be acting in movies, so receiving this honor
tonight tells me that it’s possible. It is possible for a kid from east
Texas, raised in South Central L.A. in Carson, who believes in his
dreams, commits himself to them with his heart, to touch them, and to
have them happen.

Because when I first started acting, it was because of my
desire to connect to everyone. To that thing inside each of us. That
light that I believe exists in all of us. Because acting for me is
about believing in that connection and it’s a connection so strong,
it’s a connection so deep, that we feel it. And through our combined
belief, we can create a new reality. (found on firstshowing.net)

I thought that Forest Whitaker’s speech was powerful. In the first paragraph he spoke of the power of dreams and goals to bring us to our best future. And I think that his second paragraph shows how it is possible. For him it is through acting. For me, it is through teaching that I find the connection to the human spirit – Forest’s light that exists in all of us.

Teaching for me has to do with creating a context for hope and potential, both qualities that drive the human spirit.

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