Do people learn differently?

Yes and no.

The ‘no’ part of the equation –> I believe that the conditions for authentic learning are similar across age levels, interests, abilities, cultures.

Making a connection, creating a relationship with your learners is the first step to authentic learning. full stop.

The ‘yes’ part of the answer comes in when it comes to motivation. For example, a kindergarten student is motivated to learn for much different reasons than an adult learner. An adult learner has different reasons for learning than a high school student.

It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to explore adult learning at

Come join me, won’t you?


  • Tracy says:

    Yes, we each do have a unique way of perceiving the world and learning is no different. For that reason, I think that student needs to be at the centre of the learning process. And that is why relationship between teacher and learner is so important.

    Thanks for the comment – long time no ‘see’ ;)

  • teachermrw says:

    I also think that each person has a different cognitive capacity to take in, process, and retrieve information, thus resulting in a differentiation of outcome. Motivation to learn impacts as well.

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