One Comment a Day Project

I read about this over at Kevin’s Meandering Mind. It’s a project designed to increase our access to different blogs, thereby mixing up our learning community. It was started by Andy over at iTeach. I’ve already tweeted my comment of the day :)

The challenge for me will be to remember to comment and tweet about it each day. I have the best of intentions for projects like these and then life gets in the way and I forget 1 day, then 2, then… the next thing I know I’m no longer involved.

The great thing about this project is that since I am now following Andy and the 1CommentProject on twitter I will be reminded on a consistent basis.
Here is what Andy writes about the project:

Here is the process.

1. Read a blog

2. Post a comment that is insightful and constructive.

3. Tweet a link to the blog and your comment. Use the hash tag #OneComment

EXAMPLE: I just read a great piece on iTeach blog, check it out! #OneComment

4. Bookmark the blog and return to it another time.

It is just that easy! This Project will help create a positive forum for all who blog and comment. There are so many good educational blogs out there and I look forward to hearing your feedback and engaging in your comments!

The second phase of this project will be a featured blog a week project. This forum will review and promote one educational blog per week. It will also try and introduce new edu-blogs into the learning community. I will be setting up a Ning for this venture. The sole purpose of both ventures is to promote learning and create an engaging dialogue between so many great academic minds. The twitter hash tag for this will be #1Newblog

Please send me your thoughts, suggestions and feedback on both new ventures!I would also like to put together a small team to help with this venture due to the time consuming nature of the project. If you would like to help your fellow bloggers and be an integral part of this venture, please contact me at

I have also set up a separate twitter account for this second phase. It will be @1commentproject. Please follow it for blog updates and blog promotions. When we spread the word about great blogs, we all shine!

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