Interesting conversation about teaching and technology

I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague the other day. She is a teacher in adult education with upwards of 35 years in the classroom and she said to me that the model we recently used in her class and others, with me going directly into the classroom and working with students, makes Interesting conversation about teaching and technology

Do people learn differently?

Yes and no. The ‘no’ part of the equation –> I believe that the conditions for authentic learning are similar across age levels, interests, abilities, cultures. Making a connection, creating a relationship with your learners is the first step to authentic learning. full stop. The ‘yes’ part of the answer comes in when it comes Do people learn differently?

On learning

My young son learns by watching, by listening, by mimicking, by testing. He learns how to eat by watching me eat and then eating. He learns how to speak by hearing me speak and then speaking. He learns how to stand by standing. And I’m sure it’s because he sees us moving around that he On learning