Tracy Rosen

To middle school or not to middle school?

“…some middle school experts argue that school reconfiguration is a costly distraction from what adolescents really need: smaller classes, an engaging curriculum, personalized attention and well-prepared teachers.” I agree! Instead of looking at complicated school reconfigurations, I would take a much more grass-roots approach. No matter where they are, children in middle-school need classes tailored To middle school or not to middle school?

dreams and connections to the spirit

Image: Forest Whitaker from Red Carpet Treatment on Reuters Blogs When I was a kid, the only way that I saw movies was from the backseat of my family’s car. At the drive-in. And, it wasn’t my reality to think I would be acting in movies, so receiving this honor tonight tells me that it’s dreams and connections to the spirit

Effects of Ritalin…

Hmmm…do we really want this to happen? There has to be another way! powered by performancing firefox

Parent involvement at school

After re-reading some of the responses to my posting, Parents protest ‘time out’ cage in classroom, I get a sense that the consensus is for a shift towards more parental involvement at school. What does this mean? More parent-led activities? Higher attendance at parent-teacher interviews? A combination of the two? Research shows that a connection Parent involvement at school

Barack Obama and Education

Image: Photo of Barack Obama from Teaching Our Kids in a 21st Century Economy. A speech by Senator Barack Obama, in October 2005 at the Center for American Progress (Go here for a text version) He talks about Jonathan Kozol‘s new book – Shame of a Nation. It seems to me that Mr. Kozol Barack Obama and Education