Month: August 2014

On gardening and understanding

When I garden I want to tear my hair out along with the weeds and grass at times because there just seems to be so much to pull to let the plants I love to breathe and shine. My first inclination could be to just pull haphazardly but I’ve noticed that if I patiently allow On gardening and understanding

Hope for the future. My dilemma.

My driving force has always been hope for the future. That everything I do is buttressed by this incredible hope for the future. Indeed, that everything we do in education is held up by the same. There is a lot of talk about hope lately. There has to be because some pretty hope-less events are Hope for the future. My dilemma.

so. technology is not the goal. what is?

Playing with Coggle, which I read about on Avi Spector’s blog, Beyond the Tools. Pretty neat little thinking tool.

A Lesson from Robin

Facebook and, I imagine, Twitter exploded today with the news of Robin Williams’ death. I found myself touched more than with other celebrity deaths. Rumours, still rumours, say that it was at his own hand. That depression was a factor. It’s public knowledge that he had problems with drugs. I did not know the man A Lesson from Robin