Month: November 2007

I heart convention

Quebec’s annual teacher’s convention kicked off last night. I didn’t attend the opening sessions because I was just too darn tired out from parent teacher interviews…but I’m so looking forward to today! I love going to our funky ‘Palais des Congres‘ that everyone makes fun of but I love for its colour. I love seeing I heart convention

Today, one of my students…

…I swear, I could start a million sentences with that phrase. Today one of my students told me that no had ever told her they missed her before today, when I was letting her have it for the attitude she was spreading around the room. I told her that if it continued after 2nd recess Today, one of my students…

How do you Get Things Done?

I recently read Scott Elias’ page GTD in Education, where he demonstrates how he Gets Things Done, based on David Allen’s action management method called Getting Things Done (GTD). I do not have an explicit system for getting things done, and I think I am cheating myself because of it. On top of teaching and How do you Get Things Done?

MyBlogLog Disappoints

Nov. 17 –> I have decided to discontinue my use of MyBlogLog. Not only do I find this contest wrong but I posted a comment to their thread about the issue (evidently I am not the only one who takes offense) about 3 or 4 days ago and it has not been approved for posting. MyBlogLog Disappoints

reflection on Steve Ransom’s words: integrate or integral

This morning I decided to pay a visit to Steve Ransom’s blog since it had been a while and I found these words of wisdom in Integrate or Integral: So, I think the work that still needs to be done is to help bring vision back to teachers who have lost it, to help teachers reflection on Steve Ransom’s words: integrate or integral